Stories of Easter Synchroblog

We hope you’ve enjoyed the wonderful posts on our Stories of Easter series. Each writer was unique in the way he or she used a character from Easter to relate to our everyday lives here in modern America.

If you missed these posts, here’s a round-up:

How Loving Mary Helps Me Love Jesus (Elizabeth Esther & Mother Mary)
The View from Below the Cross (Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove & The Roman Soldiers)
Shattered Expectations of Jesus the Messiah (Teryn O’Brien & Judas Iscariot)
Because Jesus Doesn’t Treat His Friends Like They’re Numbskulls (Margot Starbuck & Mary Magdalene)

Now we want YOU to share your Stories of Easter! We can’t wait to read your insight and creativity.

How to Participate in Synchroblog

1. Write an awesome blog post featuring a character from the Easter story and what you’ve learned through that person. Put it up on your blog TODAY!
2. Use the image below as the featured image on your blog:


3. Link the image to this post (you’re reading it right now!).
4. Come over to our blog and use the link-up tool below to share your Stories of Easter Synchroblog post.
5. Share your post with friends and family via FB, Twitter, and other social media. Use the hashtag #StoriesOfEaster to share on social media.

Don’t forget to use hashtag #StoriesOfEaster and share your blog post on social media. We’ll be giving away prizes all day.

Add your link here by clicking the link-up tool below and following the instructions! This link-up will remain open until midnight, April 25th.


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  2. I just added by blog post to the Good Friday edition of this blog. Just realized I forgot to put the title of the blog post. My bad. The title is Stories of Easter: Part Five. It is about Thomas. Hope I didn’t mess it up. God bless.

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