Is Patriotism Part of Following Jesus?

Before Deflate-Gate took over the headlines, social-media users had been arguing over two very different movies. Selma, which recounts the courageous struggle of black Americans to gain federal protection of the right to vote, is one. The other is American Sniper, the story of highly decorated Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.

The films almost immediately gave rise to a war of words. Critics took to both traditional media and social media to accuse the director of Selma of unfairly portraying President… Read More


In Praise of Changing Your Mind

A “flip-flopper.” A “backslider.” A person “without conviction.”

These labels are used to identify people who change their mind. They all are labels that have been used to describe me. In fact, they are used by people who actually like me.

I admit it; I’m a flip-flopper. And I think it’s a good thing. I mean, really, what’s the alternative? To be someone who is so committed to an idea, a belief, or a notion that you will stick with… Read More


Soul Care for Unravelers

Some of us are entering the new year with enthusiasm and hope. The possibilities for the months ahead are fueling us. For others, we are entering 2015 with hesitation and weariness. Maybe you’ve been slogging through a tumultuous faith shift over the past year and you are tired. Christmas and the realities of how odd it feels when you’re in a different place spiritually may have taken their toll. Or you’re celebrating how… Read More


Speaking for God

“Don’t you think it’s, well, blasphemous to write for God?”

When the question came, I was sitting atop a tall stool staring into a dizzying array of thousand-watt lights. Two television cameras glided closer to get a better shot of my response. The TV studio hummed from all the equipment. Tens of thousands of people were watching. The smiling blond reporter fixed her clear, blue eyes on mine, scowled, and asked again, “Well, don’t you think it’s blasphemous to write… Read More